May 07, 2014

Cinco de Mayo at La Casa Blanca

*Pardon these catch-up posts you're going to see here in the next little while. These are things I want to document but just haven't gotten around to! I also apologize for the quality of these photos... My phone was having a moment that night. :-/ *

I got to attend the Cinco de Mayo festivities at the White House earlier this year. I'm not Mexican, but I'm always down for a good party! (Especially when Chef José Andrés's guacamole will be there. That stuff is AMAZING! Note: That's not Chef José Andrés below. Additional note: his assistant was awesome and gave my co-workers and me $50 gift cards to any of his DC restaurants! Yum!)

Guac! 5 de mayo 5 de mayo
L-R: me, Jorge Neri (WH), Avery (VL), me, Annette R. (Enroll America)

There were mariachis (Los Gallos Negros -- my co-worker Steve's roommates!), Latin celebrities (Frankie Negrón, Lili Estefan, etc.), and even a delicious pig (Mmmm.... Tacos!).

5 de mayo Frankie Negrón con Los Gallos Negros 5 de mayo 5 de mayo

And I got to see the President whilst having a really sweet (not) view, remember?

POTUS perspective

Oh! And I found the White House copy of the Book of Mormon!>br /> 5 de mayo

Funny story -- The BoM was located in the WH Library on a reeeeally high shelf. I tried to reach but couldn't. I jumped. Tried to climb the bookcase. Fail. Then Congressman Joaquin Castro's wife came along in suuuuper high heels and offered to get it down for me. So sweet of her! Thanks so much, Mrs. Castro! Then she joined her husband and went on her way. :)

Living in DC is just so much fun. :)

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