April 02, 2014

Stephie's Birthday!

Stephie rides her bike

I missed Stephie's birthday party this year because of a work even, so I got to celebrate with her one-on-one two Saturdays ago. I told her we could do annnnything she wanted. What did she pick? A Saturday bike ride, and Tacklebox for lunch. So off we went!

First stop, Tacklebox, of course! (aka Basically the only place I'll eat seafood voluntarily. ICYMI, I am not a seafood person.)

Shouldn't this flag be retired? Loving our seafood lunch!

We grabbed our lunch and biked over to the Georgetown Harbor. It was one of those rare gorgeous weather days between a couple o' snowstorms, and we enjoyed every moment of sunshine! :)

Washington Harbour
Ignore all the bird poop. :P
After enjoying our delicious lunch (I highly, highly recommend the tilapia tacos!), we cruised along Rock Creek Parkway (fighting tourists e'rrywhere we went... ugh, tourist season...) and made our way to the National Mall, where again... tourists!

Segway tours on the National Mall = annoying!
If you ever visit DC, DON' come in the spring/summer! Come in the fall after all the tourists & Madam Humidity have left!
WWII Memorial is the best!
I've mentioned before that WWII Memorial is my absolute favorite, right?
Stephanie and her bike
Bike riding on the National Mall (Lincoln Memorial in the back) WaMo (Washington Monument)

And after enjoying the AMAZINGNESS that is the National Mall (and the amazingness that is riding your bike on the National Mall!), we made our way back up Rock Creek Parkway, back through Georgetown and Glover Park. And goodness, Georgetown is a pretty place! (Seriously, even the doors are pretty.)

Even the doors in Georgetown are pretty!
pretty wreath, pretty blue color
photo 2.JPGHey there, little fella!

It was SUCH a lovely day, and I enjoyed spending it celebrating one of my very dearest friends. Happy happy 28th, Stephie!! You are the epitome of what it means to be a friend, and I count you as one of my great blessings here in DC. Te quiero! xoxo

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