March 26, 2014


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VL team before NCL Capital Awards. Photo courtesy of Jimmy's GoPro camera

Lately, I've been really busy with work.

March 31st is around the corner, and since I work on Health for my org, we've been busy making sure folks know they need to get health insurance by March 31st! (Ask me about this if you have any Q's.)

We launched a new campaign at work to register Latino Millennial voters.

I got to participate at a presidential town hall about the Affordable Care Act. (I wasn't on stage with POTUS, but it was still pretty dang cool to have my name in the same press release as the President!)

We also have a conference we're hosting in NYC next month for which I'm managing communications.

Oh, and we hosted the DC red carpet premiere for Cesar Chavez (It's really good and opens in theaters this weekend! More on that later...).

I've also tried to squeeze in a few other things. You know, important things like... working on my callings (OK, that one really is important), joining Snapchat (who'da thought?), wondering every night whether there will be snow or sun the next morning, etc. And even some fun things like...

Playing the violin for Tory's baptism (& coordinating a string quartet to accompany our church choir)!

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Yay, Tory!

Seeing friends sometimes (and sometimes, their babies!) -- though not as often as I'd like!

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I was friends with Matt & Kara at the U before my mission. It was so fun to catch up & meet their sweet Baby E!
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At a Jazz-Wizards game!
photo 3.JPG
Celebrating Steph's birthday!
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A Winter's Tale = worst. movie. ever.
Of course, there's always cooking, baking, and eating:

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And I even managed to sneak away to ward temple night.

photo 2.JPG
I sure love this temple!

So, basically, I've been busy with life. :)

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