February 28, 2014

How to be an Awesome Co-Worker

I had to work late a few nights ago, and I was feeling a little flustered. I was tired, hungry, and struggling to focus. I just wanted to get out of the office and into my nice, warm bed, but I had to finish some things that were taking me longer than I wanted.

My co-worker Jimmy was heading out the door, and I jokingly said, "Come back, and bring me a cheeseburger!" And 15 minutes later... He did! He actually came back... with a CHEESEBURGER for me! And not just ANY cheeseburger; a Shackburger!

I was blown away! He completely made my night and made the rest of the evening go so much better! To him it might have seemed like something small, but it meant so much to me that he would serve me in that way. That Shackburger even gave me the strength to drop off my car to a friend who's helping me fix it after I got home from work (ie- around 10pm).

You never know the impact a small act of service will have on someone, but remember to look for opportunities to serve those around you as you go about your day. What may, to you, seem a small act, can mean the world, or even the answer to a prayer, to elseone.*

This is not the Shackburger Jimmy brought me; I scarfed that one up in a minute. But it looks just like it!
I borrowed this one from here.

* I know elseone isn't technically a word, but it should be.

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  1. Awesome!! Small gestures really mean so much to me because it means that they were paying attention to the details, which is what makes me who I am. +1000000 points for ShakeShackness


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