February 16, 2014

Happy Birthday, BFF!!

picture of us when we were roomates in college

Today is my best friend's 30th birthday!!! Hurray!!!

The story of Lupita and me goes back allll the way to my first year as an RA in college. I remember meeting her, this sassy Latina with her wild hair + teensy shorts and basketball player boyfriend. (Ha!) She was my floor president, and we could not have been more different. But somehow, we just really clicked! It wasn't a "right away" kind of click, though to be honest, I'm not really sure when it even happened. All I know is I'm glad it did, because I can't imagine my life without her!

She knows me better than almost anyone (which means she has more dirt on me than almost anyone...), and she's been with me through all the hardest trials of my life. She was even one of my most faithful mission correspondents! I really loved that we got to serve at the same time, albeit in totally different parts of the world (she served in Lisbon, Portugal; I served in Oakland, California). We've shared laughter, love, even a few disagreements, and of course, everything in between. Through all the years and all the miles (she lives in Utah. :( sniff...), I know our friendship will always be one I can count on.

Happy birthday to the greatest friend a girl could ask for! I love you so much!!! xoxoxo

I hope y'all enjoy this little photo gallery! Sadly, some of the best gems of us together are NOT digital and are in hard copies in Utah, but here are a few favorite shots from over the years.

our first Broadway show (2011)
when Daniel Radcliffe signed our playbill after the show!!! (2011)
once a Ute, always a Ute (2009)
Reunited, & it feels so good! Meeting me at the airport when I came home from my mission (2009)
the time I threw her the world's greatest bridal shower/bachelorette party of ALL TIME! (2012)
when she came to DC for my GW commencement! (here we are feeding our faces between festivities) (2013)

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