February 13, 2014

A Night Out With Tory & Camille

Camille and I went to the Tory Burch Fashion Week preview at the W hotel this week. (Love that hotel, btw. Gorgeous venue.)

Weeee weren't quite sure what to expect, but we enjoyed ourselves most thoroughly! It was fun to people watch, to people-clothes watch, and to critique each model's outfit as if we had any idea what we were talking about. :)

So excited to be here! 

For example, did you know the "Sarah Palin" is apparently back? (See below left.) Also, slingbacks (Much to my distress. I just... can't stand the sound they make. It's like you're wearing flip flops...).

Annnnd on the right, we have my favorite outfit of the night; an outfit we both decided we'd wear in a heartbeat (minus the slingbacks for me *shudder*). I wish you could see them, but the sleeves on that darling coat and the neckline of the dress were bejeweled in the prettiest way!

Annnnd then we learned life lessons from our hot chocolate cups:

Caribou SERIOUSLY makes the best dark chocolate hot chocolate in DC. Unless you like it REALLY dark and REALLY rich. In which case, go to Pitango.

We rounded out the night with a rousing game of DC 2nd men's basketball.

And the players even came and chatted with us! We felt like such celebs. ;)

Such a fun night with my little Camillionaire. :) Can't wait for more next week!

PS See Camille's account of Tory here.

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