January 20, 2014


I've been working a lot of overtime recently, and it's become all too easy for me to be whiny, complain-y, and just plain negative. I'm embarrassed to admit that I was even stressing out about not having enough time to attend a meeting at the White House... I was annoyed to have to go to the WHITE HOUSE. What is wrong with me?? But I had an experience on Friday that changed my perspective and was exactly the wake-up call I needed.

I read this Spanish article about day laborers in Virginia. Many of them struggle to find work in the winter, when construction projects are fewer, and that, of course, becomes a burden for their families. It about broke my heart to read this! And to think that I whine and complain when I have so much!

I think I've just been so, so stressed lately, that I've lost my proper perspective. I am SO blessed and have SO much for which to be thankful! And you know what? Even when I struggle sometimes to keep up at work, when I feel like I'm not the fastest or most knowledgeable writer, the opportunities I have here are pretty awesome.

Like today... Today, I have the opportunity to attend a breakfast where my boss is being honored; and where VPOTUS is the keynote speaker. And sure, it means being downtown at 7:30am on a national holiday and having to work on Sunday to write remarks, etc., etc, but how cool is it that I get to see the Vice President tomorrow??!

And seriously, I cannot stress enough how blessed I feel to be in DC, to have a job I like, to work with people I respect and admire, and to have such a great role model of a boss. My heart truly feels for the laborers about whom I read on Friday, but I'm grateful for the much-needed perspective their story brought me.

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