January 06, 2014

Homeless Hypothermia Hotline

The DC area -- and many other parts of the country -- are FRIGID tonight.

This is how I'm staying warm:

Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky. Washington, DC has over 15,000 homeless people --

15,000 homeless!

And that's JUST in the District! That doesn't include folks in Maryland or Virginia!

In these polar vortex conditions, there's no way anyone will survive outside. So as you go about your goings-on in the District, if you spot a homeless individual outside with no place to go,

call the Homeless Hypothermia Hotline at:


Provide them with a description of the person and his/her location, and they'll come pick up the person and take him/her to a shelter. You might have to go a few minutes out of your way, but you could literally save a life!

Click here to find information for resources in Maryland and Virginia.

Thanks, friends, and stay warm!!


  1. Now there's an email to report those in need: uposh@upo.org. It's operated by the Hypothermia Shelter Hotline. And @DCHypothermia provides useful information during a Hypothermia Alert.

    1. Thanks for sharing that update, Susie! This is great info. to have.


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