September 19, 2013


Last weekend was SO much fun! Our congregation of young singles took a weekend-long camping trip to Caledonia State Park in Pennsylvania (I just love that within an hour, you cross, like, seven states on the East Coast!). (We even held our weekly church service in the woods on Sunday morning!)

The whole weekend was a blast and really, the only bad thing I have to say is that my toes nearly froze off at night! (Thankfully, my roommates and I had some things going on Friday night, so we drove up early Saturday morning and, therefore, only slept one night at camp!) I haven't been camping in a year, and I'd forgotten how much I miss the outdoors (and my belov'd Utah mountains!)

Since we were so close to Gettysburg, some of the group explored the battlefield, others explored the actual town. I chose to go hiking. Or really, "hiking." But even though it was mostly flat, it was still gorgeous, and we got to "hike" part of the Appalachian trail. (No Argentine mistresses involved.) Plus, I got to catch up with my pal Jesse, which is always great. :)

can you see our reflections? :)
why do my photos come out upside-down??

Oh! And mid-hike, we found a SWING!

seriously... why are they right-side up on my phone, and upside-down on flickr??

We had a "Battle of the Sexes" game at night, followed by an impromptu dance party, and an outdoor movie. FRRRRREEEEZING, but fun. :)

(Game show photos courtesy of "other" Jesse. Ha!)
My roommate, KILLING it in the hula hoop contest!
And a li'l preview of this coming weekend's Utah-BYU football game. :)

Probably my favorite part, though, was gettin' to hang out with some of my favorite people. I loved making new friends and getting to know old friends better.

First day
Last day

Annnnnnd, uhhhh, I think I know what Jeffie's favorite part of the weekend was:

Thanks to the Activities Committee for such a great weekend!! xo :)

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