September 24, 2013

Register to Vote... or You Won't Get Married!

*Warning: shameless plug for my work below.*

**Warning #2: The video is HIL-a-rious!!**

Guys, today is National Voter Registration Day!

Are YOU registered to vote? Have you moved to a new address since the last time you voted?

Make sure you're registered, and then make sure you tell a friend!

To register to vote, CLICK HERE.

Sidenote: One time, I was dating this guy, annnnnd I nearly had to re-enact this movie! He was registered, but he HADN'T VOTED!!! :-/ Needless to say, it did NOT work out between us. (But OK, in full disclosure, it wasn't because of his civic irresponsibility.)


  1. HAHAHA!!!! "My actual wife!" "You downloaded my heart...and broke it"

    1. C$, isn't great?! I laughed so hard when I watched it! :)


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