July 08, 2013

4th of July!

Independence Day is my 3rd favorite holiday (after my birthday and Christmas, of course!), and there's just nothing quite like celebrating it in our nation's capital. My 4th started off pretty low-key. My roommate Amanda and I made pancakes and invited two other friends over to eat with us, then I tried to be productive (keyword: tried), got ready, etc.

Coconut/flaxseed/chocolate-chip pancakes -- from scratch! (I swear they were healthy!)
you know... just a "what i wore" shot. i'm mocking myself right now.

In the afternoon, we had a BBQ with other members of our congregation, and some new friends of mine came! (More about them in a future blog post.)

new friends!
I wish every day that Kelli had an Instagram.

Then, we joined the MASSES on the metro to make our way to the Jefferson Memorial (where we watched the fireworks).

Steffie + me + Niffie (Ha ha! Steffie & Niffie!)
Even Bart Simpson made the journey with us. Also, Andrea's face in the back! Ha ha ha! Furthermore, I am short...

While we waited for the show to start, we played games, chatted with friends, and entertained ourselves by taking photos (naturally). :)

view of the Washington Monument from the steps of the Jefferson Memorial
staking out a spot is serious business!
Love this girl so much!
with C & C
I'm mad this photo came out so blurry! Grrrr....
Seriously, how are any of us single?? (Uhhhhh....)

And then it got dark, and the REAL FUN started!

compare this to the photo above, and you'll see how the crowd MULTIPLIED.
The fireworks this year included fun shapes like... SMILEY FACES! (and bunnies? and "U-S-A") So cool!

It was a great day! I'm grateful to live in a nation of opportunity and freedom, and I was so happy to celebrate the 4th here in DC. I hope your 4th was just as lovely! :)

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  1. SMILEY FACE FIREWORK SHOT!!!!! So happy!!! Also, I promise I am way happier than I look in that picture of you, Caitlin, and me.


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