June 02, 2013

Things I Did This Weekend

The weekend was busy with friends, food, and fun! Also, church :), my volunteer shift at the DC LDS temple, moving furniture (and getting a new roommate whom we love!), game night, visiting teaching, "trying" my darndest in ballet class and feeling very... humbled (aka out of shape). Here's what it all looked like:

We celebrated Adam's birthday with Ethiopian food (my first time at an Ethiopian restaurant, and it was delicious!), and while Adam and his amazing wife (Heather) are fantastic and yadda yadda, the REAL star of my night was their beautiful baby girl, HAZEL!! 

I've been wanting to hug this baby since she was born! I was not disappointed. :) Hazel also loved being with her Aunty April, but alas, the sentiments were not the same for Uncle Myles. 

Friday night, I went visiting teaching (such an inspired program!) and attended a farewell luau for Heidi. 

Saturday was a crazy day. I volunteered at the temple, and then I went to a ballet class with Nif. Let's just say I won't be starring in any shows anytime soon. It was a humbling sixty minutes, that's for sure. 

Saturday (& Sunday for a bit) also involved a lot of cleamung, laundry, & furniture moving, transporting, and rearranging. I was worn out!

Sunday was probably my favorite day. Everything at church was just beautiful and perfect and lovely. All the lessons were spot on, testimony meeting actually ended on time for once (!), and I survived Fast Sunday! I got to close out my fasting with a delicious homemade dinner, courtesy of the lovely Kira. 

Oh, and I got my picture re-taken for the ward directory! (The life of a YSA... Blah...)

Sunday night, estrenamos nuestra sala (& our new roommate) with a good old-fashioned game night at our house. It was one of the most fun game nights I've had in a while. :) My roommate's delicious chocolate-chip cookies certainly didn't hurt. ;)

Probably my favorite parts of the weekend were the times dedicated to quiet reflection and spirituality. The lessons at church helped steer me in the right direction as I try to set spiritual AND temporal goals for this phase of my life. That's one of the reasons I attend church every week: I need the regular check-ins, guidance, and answers to prayer that I only get on Sundays at church, and I always seem to find just what I'm looking for. Sunday truly is a special day. :)

I hope your weekend was just as lovely!  

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  1. I agree, church on Sunday was amazing! It's been kind of sad that I've had to miss Sunday School the past few weeks to take photos (but, let's be real, taking photos has also been immensely fun). Game night was a blast last night :)


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