May 07, 2013

Finished With Finals!!!

Yesterday at 9pm I had one of the world's greatest feelings. Like letting your breath out after holding it in for five minutes. Or coming up from the bottom of a pool after being underwater for who knows HOW long (AND you're afraid of water...) and finally being able to gasp for air!

end of finals!

Yesterday at 9pm, I finished my last final for the semester! It's not nearly as exciting as all of my classmates, with whom I started my grad program nearly two years ago, who took their very LAST final of grad school EVER last Wednesday! Not gonna lie: I'm pretty jealous! But I have a few short months and a few more classes to plug through, and pretty soon, I'll join them on the other side!

After our exam last Wednesday, our awesome professor (whom we all LOVED) took us to Elephant and Castle for a round of drinks on him (thanks for the mint limeade virgin mojito, David!).

And now, a few fuzzy iPhone shots of our celebration!

The Digital Advertising gang. Alas, our professor left before we took photos. :(
Drew is such a punk. He kept photobombing our girls photos, so I left in his evil eyes. Heh heh! ;)

I'm really excited and proud of everyone. I can't wait to wear my cap, circus tent gown, and hood (guys, I get a hood!!) with all y'all in a few weeks! #RaiseHigh #GSPMforLife!

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  1. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA!!!!!!! You did it!!!!! You survived finals!!!! Congrats!!!


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