April 18, 2013

Baby-Sitting and Beauty (The Story of Snoodlerella)

I baby-sat my neighbors' babies today (a 3-year old and an 8-month old). The 3-year old watched a little "Veggie Tales" on the iPad, and one of the stories was about Snoodlerella. It's a twist on the Cinderella story, where Snoodlerella... Well, here's a great synopsis I found on this website:

"A self- conscious Snoodlerella is the star of the ball after getting an extreme makeover. Her life of glamour is short-lived as the clock strikes midnight and her glasses, braces and insecurities return. Will she be able to see herself as the good King sees her—unique, beautiful and perfect just the way she is?"

A line from the video struck a particular(ly humorous) chord with me. The line was,

"Poor Snoodlerella, with her glasses and braces, 
Uncontrollable hair and cumbersome graces..." 

And as I sat there with my... glasses... (Invisalign) braces... and uncontrollable hair (today, in the form of a crazy curly braid), I thought, Hey, they're talking about ME! And it cracked me up. :)

Fortunately, all goes well for Snoodlerella, and while my self-comparison was intended to be funny (because let's face it -- it WAS), it was nice to see a kids' video trying to reinforce the message that inner beauty is more important than outer beauty. I was a little concerned when they started poor Snoodlerella out with a crazy fairy godmother makeover, but the story wrapped up well and was cute to boot.

RELATED: If you haven't seen this Dove video, watch it. The message is really important and much-needed in our looks-driven society. And remember: you ARE beautiful! :)


  1. If you loved the Dove video, you should take a look at beautyredefined.net. Lexie, my old roommate (I think you were on your mission when she moved in) and her twin sister run it. They are amazing!!

    1. I've actually seen their site! You and Carrie Scott share their posts, and I think their work is really great. :)


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