February 15, 2013

Valentine's Love

Valentine's was lovely this year, as was my evening celebration. I got together with some dear friends, and we made homemade pizzas with the most amazing pizza crust recipe of all time (no, really). We also made cookies (sugar and chocolate-chip) and took them to some of our friends. (It was our small way of sharing some love on "the day of love." ❤ I think it's often very easy to focus on the love we want but *don't* have, and then we miss out on opportunities to show love to those around us who might really need it. We also miss out on appreciating and feeling the love of our friends and family who probably love us a lot.)

Anyway, here are some shots of the festivities. (And somehow C-lin isn't in any of them? Aww, man!) I hope your Valentine's Day was full of giving and receiving and appreciating LOVE in all its forms (and good food!)!


  1. Now I want to try your pizza crust recipe!!!

    1. Winter! I'll be sure to post it tomorrow- just for you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! xoxoxo


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