February 12, 2013

Go Figure

My commute home from school is long. In fact, it can last anywhere from 35 minutes (if I hustle and catch the train at the right time) to more than an hour if NOTHING is going my way. SOOOO many times, I come home from school, DYING to use the bathroom.. Only to find that one of my roommates has just started a very long shower! (And as you can see, our shower door is glass, soooo only one person can be in the bathroom at a time.)

At times like these, I feel very grateful to live next to a million other friends from church. I usually run over to Steph and Jen's place (I swear I do this at least once a week...), and use the bathroom there.

Well tonight, I left school really late, because we watched the President's State of the Union address in class. And I decided to be brilliant and use the bathroom BEFORE I left school! Success! No need to use the bathroom when I got home. And -- OF COURSE -- the night I come home not needing to use the bathroom... is the night no one is IN it!

Go figure.

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