February 08, 2013

Do-Over (Jon Huntsman, Round 2)

Last night, we had a special event for the University of Utah Alumni Association's DC chapter, and our special guest was.... Governor Jon Huntsman!

When I saw him at the airport last month, I mentioned to him and his wife that I was excited to hear him speak at our upcoming alumni event, and when I chatted with him last night, he A- remembered me (!!) and B- he even remembered our conversation and that I had told him I'd be at the alumni reception. I was impressed. (Then again, I suppose it would  be hard to forget a random girl wanting to take a photo with you in her hoodie and leggings, ie- basically in her pajamas.)

I took another photo with him last night (a do-over of the first one, if you will), though sadly, it was a tad blurry. On the bright side (there's always a bright side), no leggings!

with Governor Jon Huntsman

I know it's odd for a Democrat to list a Republican among her political idols, but I really admire that the Governor is a man who sticks to his principles, even when they're not popular. He has common sense, which is sorely lacking among politicians today, and he is able to work with people of all political beliefs to find good solutions (which is also sorely lacking in today's partisan political climate).

The event was lovely and extremely well-attended (props to the alumni board), and the venue had a beautiful view of the Capitol.

U of U DC alumni event
en route + the Capitol + Kirk Jowers of the Hinckley Institute of Politics moderated the discussion

Events like this make me grateful for the opportunities I've had in my life for education and learning and growth. (And to think that I almost went to BYU! :P)

I would now like to display my skillz for attention to detail by showing you this:

#blueisfordemocrats ;)

I thought the Governor's blue tie looked familiar when he walked in last night, annnnd I was right! :) Heh heh!

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