February 06, 2013

Anniversaries When Your Parents are Divorced

I really hate to make this a bummer of a post, but this is my blog, so... whatever.

Today is February 6th.

31 years ago today, my parents were married.

Today is February 6th.

3 years ago today, their divorce was finalized.

And I think from now on until the end of time, February 6th will be a day of conflict. Am I supposed to somehow "commemorate" this day? Do I celebrate that they were married at all, and that they had five kids, so that I now have my family because of it? Do I mourn the fact that they are no longer married? Do I continue to reflect on the wicked irony of the divorce becoming final on their 28th wedding anniversary? Do I just ignore the day, pass it over, and leave it on its little shelf in the back of my mind to deal with later? I don't know. I guess today, I'm going to feel it all.

Bummer post over....

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