January 23, 2013

Inauguration 2013

This is the "test" photo TSA took to make sure my camera wasn't an explosive device or something. I smiled. :D
So, as you know, we had a sleepover the night before Inauguration. The sleep was somewhat... less than ideal... But the company was lovely, and the fact that we slept in a downtown office the night before just makes the story that much better, don'tcha think? :)

We woke up before the sun (I have a personal rule against being out before the sun is, but for Inauguration Day, I was willing!), and got in line with the masses.

And finally, we were able to join 900,000 of our closest friends in front of the Capitol!

It was packed!
The view wasn't always so great for us short girls. :( People should stand by height, don't you think?

We passed the time eating snacks, playing games, and resting on the ground before the festivities started.

And even though it was cold, and we had to wake up soooo early and stand for hours, and even when I found out later that Beyonce LIP SYNCED the national anthem (!!) it was so fun to be there in person!

Here's hoping for front row seats for 2016! :)

(And many thanks to our friend who got us tickets this year! We love youuuuu! :D)

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