January 06, 2013

Christmas Break 2012, Part 1

I've had a glorious 2.5 weeks here in Utah and am excited that it's not over yet! Here are a few snapshots from my first week at home (including CHRISTmas!)

I got home just in time to put the star on the tree! :) Pardon my exhausted look.
I also made it home in time for Spencer's orchestra concert. He is First Chair of his
junior high orchestra, and he ain't half bad, if I do say so myself. :)
Pentzy's musical talents are manifold.
Sometimes, he looks up songs online and tries to learn them. (He didn't know I took either of these. Heh heh!)
You'd feel motivated to run, too, if the scenery was this gorgeous.
Ice skating at the Gallivan Center! It was my mom's first time. Also, that gray hat I'm wearing is hers. I love it. I may accidentally forget to give it back before I leave. "Ooops!" Heh heh!
I took Chris with me to Winter and Lee's Iron Chef/White Elephant party! There were some awesome gifts. (Pictures to come later.)
My missionary brother with a  new friend  (Nick) in Preston. (Thanks to Nick for sending me the photo!)
We had Christmas Eve dinner with both of my parents. (The looks on my brothers' faces? Yeah, those were intentional.)
I made the turkey; it was delicious! Alas, people started picking at my poor bird before I could get a good picture. :(
Midnight aftermath. We have a big dinner on Christmas Eve, then we open presents at midnight, per Latin tradition. :) My favorite part of the gift opening is watching everyone else open gifts and laugh/smile/otherwise indicate they like the gift I worked so hard to pick out for them. :) I like to watch first, and open last.
Skyping with my brother (who is on a mission in the UK)!
It was such a lovely Christmas. We remembered that it's not about what you "get" for Christmas, we ate a lot, and we spent Christmas Day watching movies in our pajammies. :) AND we got the loveliest snow storm the day after Christmas! But most importantly, I got to be with the fam, and you know what? They're pretty all right. ;)


  1. How fun!!! I love that picture of you and your brother before his orchestra concert :) And isn't Christmas the best with a missionary?? Can't wait to seeeee youuu again!!!

  2. I love your blog. And I love you. And I wish I could have seen you while you were in town! Alas, my family was ill most of the time.


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