November 21, 2012

Prayers of Gratitude

A few Sundays ago, one of our church leaders challenged us to go a whole week WITHOUT ASKING for anything in our prayers. To only express GRATITUDE to God. He gives this same challenge every November, but to be honest, it sort of terrifies me (which is why I haven't done it!)!

But during Stake Conference last week (which was AWESOME, btw. I was so impressed with the two youth speakers!), one of the speakers asked us to examine our relationships with Divinity, and I realized how much I need to work on mine. My prayers lately have fallen more into the "checkbox" category than into the "heartfelt and sincere" category. I want my prayers to be conversations that strengthen my relationship with God, and I don't want to be rote and repetitive and vain.

Which is to say... I'm going to give this gratitude challenge a try! So pray for me, OK? Because I won't be! (That was a joke.)

And on that note, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! May your day be full of blessings, loved ones, and something delicious. And may your hearts be full of gratitude. :)

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