November 12, 2012

It Never Gets Old (aka National Monuments at Night)

He tenido mucha tarea en estos ultimos dias, y por eso no he escrito con tanta frecuencia.

BUT for your viewing pleasure, here are a few photos from my outing with friends to explore the national monuments at night! Originally, this started out so my friend Kira could go, because she has NEVER (*gasp!*) seen the monuments at night! And one should not be allowed to live in DC without having first seen the majestic white of the national monuments against the pure black of the night sky.

These first few photos had me almost rolling on the Mall with laughter. Nils decided to leave his warm coat at home, so he texted me to ask if I could bring him a blanket. I joked about bringing a pink Snuggie (thanks, Maricela!), and he sounded excited, sooo I brought it! (I also brought a dark blue, much "manlier" blanket, but he really wanted to wear the Snuggie, so -- as you can see -- he did!

C-lin briefly considered breaking up with this guy, but then she changed her mind. :) Close call, Nils!
So beautiful!
Yikes! My dark hair against my black coat looks I HAVE no hair!

And here is my favorite monument (the WWII memorial). I'm telling you, it is the most romantic spot in DC and would make an ideal location for a marriage proposal, in my humble opinion (in case any of you are wondering!).

Lincoln in the distance
  I thought the USDA was pretty, so I took a picture of it, too.

And that's as far as we made it. Due to the fact that we were COLD, we decided to go to Pitango for some Italian hot cocoa (delicious!). But FIRST, I was delighted to discover a Teaism located near the Mall! Naturally, I had to get a chocolate-chip salted oat cookie. :)

I know I've seen the monuments at night multiple times before, but it honestly NEVER GETS OLD. When I drive past the monuments -- especially if I see them at night -- I still want to pinch myself, because I can't believe how lucky I am to live out here! I don't know how long life will keep me here (Don't worry. I still have to finish grad school, so I'll be here a little while longer at least!), but I intend to make the most of my time on the East Coast while I have it. :)

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