October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Today is Halloween, and I'm celebrating by... going to class! Yes! I will not be dressing up tonight (unless my plaid shirt and boots make me a cowgirl?), but here are the three costumes I've worn this year:

1- Jewelry thief! (If you don't see it... Don't worry; you're not alone. People kept guessing pirate. Pirate!!?!)

2- Cat! (Complete with homemade ears... Which explains the drooping.)

3- The DC/MoCo bag tax! (Get it? I made the outfit by safety-pinning plastic bags to a white t-shirt. The red belt was just for kicks. Also, I lament to report that I collected no money.)

For those who will be trick-or-treating tonight, stay warm, stay safe, and stay away from trees! (And please remember those affected by Sandy in your prayers.)

Happy Halloween!

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