October 12, 2012

An Exercise in Positivity

Earlier today, I felt like this:

Like.... My light was partially dimmed (Not ALL of it. Just some of it.)

Also, this:


And this

Photo of the temple by my iPhone 'n me, image on the left from here.

Then I read this on A Blog About Love (<3 them!), and watched the accompanying video.

And so, this is me practicing the exercise in positivity:

3 Things I'm Grateful for Today:

1- We heard from my brother today. He normally e-mails on P-Day, but we didn't hear from him then. One of my Oakland sisters, whose brother is my brother's current companion, e-mailed me to say they hadn't gotten an e-mail either, and my bro's MTC comp's mom also e-mailed about the same thing. Anywho, it was great to hear from him today, and to know that even though some experiences are rough (and that he's constantly wet), he is seeing miracles happen every day.

2- Stephanie. She is just a great friend and a really good listener. And she played with my hair during the debate. :)

3- My car. I'm grateful to have a car, because it allows me to go where I need to go (like, the mall. Or Wendy's. Or the temple late at night) when I need to go.

A Positive Experience

I bought these boots on Tuesday, but when I got home, I realized they were two different colors!!??! (I know leather boots can vary in color, but this was crazy.) Steph went to the mall with me to exchange them. We were only there for an hour or so, but after the way today went down (or didn't go down), it was just nice to be out and about and hangin' with a friend. :)

Here's to a better tomorrow... tomorrow. (Ah ha ha! Sorry. Stephen Colbert joke.)

PS Unrelated: I like this Halloween costume.


  1. Love that Nutella e-card :) Glad you got to return the shoes! Are you wearing them to the retreat??

    1. Probably not. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to keep them. I'm kind of sort of leaning towards saving up my pennies for the Frye boots after all! I tried them on again last night, and the sales girl just raved about how she loves hers, has had them for six years and they still look fantastic, etc. etc. We shall see! :)

  2. Can we have another hair-braiding party during the last debate? Miss you guys :)


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