October 13, 2012

An Autumn Walk

My back is being all sorts of weird again, so I haven't been running, but I took a delightful "walk" on Friday afternoon before packing for the RS Retreat. (Sidenote: I can't believe I went on a "walk" for exercise. I feel so lame. and/or 80.) These images are from an apartment complex on the other side of the main road. I've never explored this area at all, but it was amazing to see so much beauty just a few feet from my own house! (I really need to explore my 'hood more.) 

This squirrel (on the left) was NOT happy to see me. It was actually hysterical.

Pretty, no? I'm so happy it's autumn. :) More to come soon on the AMAZING Relief Society retreat this weekend. (Spoiler: Mara and Danny from A Blog About Love came to teach us!) Happy weekend!

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