September 12, 2012

You Know It's Fall When...

When I think of fall, I think of... a crisp breeze, leaves in beautiful colors crunching under my feet, boots, sweaters, scarves, my BIRTHDAY (!)... all the very best things! I've been so busy over the past few months, I feel like summer never happened, and all of a sudden, my friend autumn has sneaked up on me! And I'm perfectly OK with that. (Of note: Did you know that snuck isn't the right thing to say? I didn't until today.)

You know it's fall when....
  • The pink suede moccasin boots come out! True story: My mom bought these lil' Steve Madden boots for me eight years ago when I was managing a student government campaign and our color was... pink! It went with the name of our party: PINC. As in, P.Inc., as in People Incorporated. Also, when I left on my mission, I left these in the basement at the top of my shoe rack... in front of a sunny window, and they remained perched atop their wooden perch for a year and a half, faithfully awaiting my arrival. (Unfortunately, sitting in the sun, fully exposed, for 17 months and 2 weeks took its toll, and one side of each boot is lighter than the other. Ooops. I love them anyway!) Also, apparently someone sold these on eBay recently for $36.06? 

I really need to do something about that stain... Anyone have good suede cleaning tips?

  •  Socks come back into your life! (Though honestly, they never leave mine. Obviously, I run with socks on. And I wear socks to sleep, even in the summer. I get cold, OK?)

Are you sensing a pattern here? I like pink! 
This bike has nothing to do with fall, but I saw it today, and it's pink!

  • Your post-class evening walk to the metro necessitates the wearing of your gray leopard-print cardigan over your $3 Miley Cyrus t-shirt. Baby, it's gettin' chilly outside!

  • THERE IS ALMOST ZERO HUMIDITY IN WASHINGTON, DC!! People, this is a BIG DEAL!! (And it only happens in the fall.)
  • You finally finish the Gryffindor scarf! OK, that one had nothing to do with fall, but you guys, YAY!!! I've never crocheted anything into fruition before!! This is ALSO a BIG. DEAL!!!
Almost done! (Circa 4am last night...)
It's done!

Welcome back, friend Fall! :)


  1. If that's an oil stain on your shoe, and if it's leather, cornstarch is supposed to work (like, put some on a tubberware, and then put your shoe in it overnight, maybe rub a little in)

    1. Oh, thanks for the tip, girlie! :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I am happy to report that I figured it out! I rubbed the spot with a pumice stone until it disappeared. Woo hoo!!

  2. Yay that is exciting! I love the fall also! And I love the pink argyle socks. I'm a fan!

    So, I think Lee and I will be in the DC area (College Park) for a conference in November. We'll stay a couple days longer than my conference, so can we do something with you? Maybe you can show us around some sweet places to eat or hang out!

    1. YES!!! YES!!! A thousand times yes! :) What kind of conference? Do you know which days? Yay!!!

    2. Yay! Yay! Yay! I'm going to an FDA conference in College Park November 13-15. Lee is coming with, so we're staying a little longer...we'll probably leave on the 17th or 18th. He may want to wander around somewhere while I'm in the conference too!

    3. Perfect! Keep me posted. I live right by the temple, which is just a couple of freeway exits from College Park. :)

    4. Oh excellent! I'm so excited!


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