September 04, 2012

When Things Don't Go My Way


Dear blog,

I don't normally use you as a venting tool, buuuut, my mom is in a foreign country and my friends are probably asleep, and it's just that...

  • It wasn't cool when my roommate drove me to the Megabus (well, that part was cool) but we couldn't find the bus station (the part that wasn't cool)....
  • It wasn't cool when we finally found the station, but I missed my bus by 3 minutes.
  • It wasn't cool when they said they wouldn't give me a refund.
  • I thought it was cool when I saw that Greyhound had another bus leaving within 30 minutes.
  • It wasn't cool when I realized I would have to haul my non-rolling luggage half a mile to get to the station.
  • It was NOT cool at all when they wouldn't let me on the Greyhound bus (even though I was literally at its DOOR) because they couldn't wait a few seconds for my credit card payment to go through on the cell phone I was holding in my hands.
  • It was SO not cool when I started crying when the s-t-u-p-i-d bus pulled away and left me. :(
  • It was cool when I figured out another way to get there (thank you to the vastness of the Mormon network!).
  • It was incredibly cool when my amazing roommate came BACK to pick me up, so I wouldn't have to spend the night at a dumb Greyhound station in Washington, DC.
  • And it was definitely cool when I turned on my computer and saw a FB link to THIS amazing video, featuring an old friend of mine from college and his cute wife. (Now if only he would make a video of his Napoleon dance, the fantastic-ness of which I bear you witness.)
Here's hoping things go better tomorrow.

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