September 24, 2012

This Weekend I...

  • Almost bought this (because I'm a sucker like that) but didn't (because I'm NOT a sucker).

  • Went to the Temple with Caitlin.

and ate a moon pie homebaked by C and her sis!

Uhhh... I ate most of it before I thought to take a photo. Ooops! It was yummy. Thanks, C!
  • Ate the world's best comfort food (arroz con frijoles, aguacate, y crema!).

  • Finished my second scarf ever!
While sitting on a bench outside after work. :)

Hello, slouchy scarf!

  • Celebrated Jenn's birthday with Korean Karaoke.
  •  Went to a chili cook-off (deeelicious!) with some church friends (no photos. ooops.)
  • Celebrated Torben's birthday with water (for Omer and me) and German beer (for everyone else- ha ha). 
(PS You know you're at a GSPM party when... 

You start planning what is essentially "March Madness brackets" for the 2012 Elections. ($10 buy-in, if anyone is interested!)

Also, this:
A gringo Democrat debates a non-gringo Republican, egged on by a German Green Party-er.

  • Saw Karly and Gretchen perform with the DC Mormon Orchestra.

  • Saw this beautiful art exhibit at the LDS Visitors' Center. The paintings show how our church truly IS the same church that Christ established when He was here.

This beautiful painting of Joseph and Emma was my favorite. It shows the importance of prayer and unity in a marriage. (And it makes me look forward to setting goals and growing with my own E.C. someday. :) )
  • Tried to take photos in front of the Christus statue. It didn't work.

So we moved to the side instead. :)

  •  Took this gorgeous picture of the temple with the moon right above it. 

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