September 27, 2012

Lesson in a Parking Lot

Saturday night, I came home from Torben's birthday party. The parking lot closest to my building is suuuuper tiny, but I'm an optimist, so I always check for a parking spot, even if I know I probably won't find one. On Saturday night, I really didn't think I would find a spot. So I only barely pulled in the nose of my car into the lot, quickly glanced around, saw nothing, and left to park elsewhere.

Ten seconds later, when I was walking to my building, I saw.... THE BEST SPOT IN THE WHOLE LOT WAS WIIIIIIDE OPEN!!! (Well, technically the spot right next to it is the best spot, but it's a handicapped spot, so it doesn't count for me.) And I thought, "Well, shoot!" Then I thought, "Oh, gosh. This is how I am in life, too."

I'll show up some place, thinking I won't find what I want to find, and so of course, I don't find it. Because I'm not looking for it. (Just like I didn't see the perfect parking spot wiiiide open. I didn't believe I would find it, so I didn't. Even though it was right there!)

This was an important lesson to learn this week. I'm actively working on keeping an open mind and two open eyes. So thanks for that, parking lot!

PS Since I've mentioned him here the last two days in a row, I'd just like to give a special happy birthday shout-out to... Kyle! May the Yankees win tonight in your honor. :)

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to EMILY!!!! (whose awesome blog you should check out!)

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