September 07, 2012

Labor Day in Annapolis

On Labor Day, I took a day trip to Annapolis with some friends. In case you didn't know, Annapolis is the capital of Maryland. (I remember memorizing this in 5th grade by using "MaryAnn." As in, MARYland- ANNapolis. Whatever works, right?)

We ate at Yellowfin, a seafood restaurant just outside the city.

Naturally, I ordered the Democrat roll... :)

... and the Hog Wild Wing (neither of which were seafood).

But don't worry! Myles shared his crab legs with me (they were, umm, interesting).

And Jenn shared her fish tacos (made with haddock), which were actually quite tasty. That's sayin' something, coming from a girl who doesn't like seafood!

The view behind the restaurant:

And then I saw a black cat.

Next, we made it to the State Capitol in Annapolis.


Remember that time Amanda slid down the banister on the steps of the capitol and fell/rolled down? Don't worry, though. Ben was there to help. :)

The only other time I've been to the state capitol was when I helped with a press conference for my last candidate in the square right behind the trolley pictured above. This is the only photo I posted about it on this blog.

Some more scenery from around the capitol:

Myles is ridiculous. :)

Now, on to the downtown part of Annapolis.

We saw a sign asking, "What is the Meaning of Life?" In response, Megan and I left a pass-along card and link. :) I mean, they ASKED, right?

I approve this message.

I want a bike with a basket!

I've mentioned my theory about benches, right? (Namely, that LOVE happens on BENCHES. There is no more ROMANTIC place in the whole world than a good BENCH. etc. etc.) Below, evidence to further prove my theory (PS I swear I'm not a creeper. I just needed evidence! Also, I know the midshipman and his girl aren't on a bench, but they were all lovey.)

Also, this:

Ice cream to end the day! (Note: on a bench)

Ciara says hello.
Me with the capitol some more:

Maryland state flag
You know it was a good day when you get to ride home with Greg. :)

The end.

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