September 19, 2012

He Made It!

I tracked my brother's flight online (just to be sure he made it OK, you know), and it's official! He made it to Manchester!!

My family went to see him off at the Salt Lake Airport. (It's against the rules... Shhhh!)

Mi mama dijo que habian TANTOS misioneros que llegaron todos juntos, que parecian soldados que iban a la guerra. Le dije que si van a la guerra... a la guerra contra el mal. :)

Marching as to war...
If you're thinking, "My, it must be hard to pack up your life in 2 suitcases and a carry-on," try doing it with all the additional items of a sister!
So cute with his nametag! (I tell you... I truly will be a wreck with my own kids. A WRECK, I tell you!)
Everyone but me (and the dogs). :(
Proud missionary mom
With his MTC companion, Elder Hare. Both will serve in the Manchester mission. :)
I didn't get to see him off with my family, but I got to talk to him for a few minutes on his layover in Chicago. Primero me llamo, y trate de llamarle de regreso al numero del telefono publico. Pero por alguna razon, no entraba la llamada! No le pude llamar. :( Y como valia tanto cada llamada ($1.50 for 4 minutes is insane!), no pudimos hablar por mucho tiempo. I honestly felt devastated (probably more than I'd care to admit), y hasta se me llenaron los ojos de lagrimas, but... He called me back! Despues de hablar con el resto de la familia, me volvio a llamar (he said he felt like he needed to call me back, and he looked in his wallet and found an extra $2, which he then got change for), y hablamos por unos minutos mas antes de que se fuera su avion. It was definitely the highlight of my day. :)

In conclusion, good luck, BB!! We're praying for you!! WO AI NI!!!

And now I'm going to bed. Sai jien!


  1. I love this! I haven't had a sibling go on a mission, so it's fun to hear your older sister perspective.

    Yes it's against the rules for families to meet their missionaries at the airport, but it doesn't stop practically everyone from doing it. In my quite large group, me and another sister were the only ones who didn't have family there.

    1. Thanks, Mel! I'm glad you speak Spanish so you could fully understand this post. I don't know what happened to me when I was typing. It just all came out in Spanglish. :)


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