September 25, 2012

Capitol Tour

Last month, my (single and available and AWESOME *hint, hint, chicas*) friend Kyle took me on a personal tour of the U.S. Capitol. I haven't taken a tour in a couple of years, and it was fun to hear Kyle's perspective. The tour was extra special, because I got to go to the Floor of the House (where they actually pass bills) and see the Speaker's Balcony, neither of which I'd seen before. I wasn't allowed to take photos everywhere, but I took some where I could.

Before the tour

Kyle is a big deal!
Lady friends, if you'd like your own private tour, I will gladly impart unto you Kyle's phone number. ;)
Nancy Pelosi's office!
Blurry photo, pretty halls.
On the Speaker's Balcony
View from the Speaker's Balcony
 And, a video for my brother (and for YOU!).

Thanks for the awesome tour, Kyle! :)

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