September 19, 2012

BB MTC Pictures

Today, my baby brother flew from Provo, Utah (where he has spent the last two months in the Missionary Training Center (MTC), learning Mandarin and learning how to teach the gospel) to Manchester, England. His flight is still en route (I've been tracking it online. ETA: 8 minutes!), but in the meantime, I thought I'd share the photos I never posted of when we dropped him off in Provo back on July 5th.

We went to the Provo Temple first to take family photos and cry our eyes out do our official goodbyes, since they no longer allow families inside the MTC for missionary drop-offs.

I LOVE this candid photo I took of my brothers. (Though if I could do it over, I'd have Chris tuck his shirt in properly and put them in order from oldest to youngest (so switch Jason to the top and Spencer to the middle, and leave Christopher where he is. Also, I'd tell BB to stand up straighter.) I thought the fog added a cool effect.

I Love to see the Temple
Unbelievable! His eyes were closed in every shot! ??!!
Oh, sure. His eyes are open, but they lighting stinks.
Love this little stinker.
Oh, you know he loves being kissed by his sister.

This is my new favorite picture of my siblings and me:

Last sibling picture for 2 whole years! :'(
Silly boys.

 Dropping him off:
Saying goodbye to Mom (She was bawling.).

The last shot of my baby brother for two years... :'( By this point, we were all crying.

If there's anything I've learned in the two months my brother has been gone, it's this:

I'm going to be an absolute WRECK when it's my own kid leaving on a mission someday!

PS Just for fun, here's (a very blurry copy of) our last family photo when my family dropped me off at the MTC nearly five years ago. (FIVE years!! 10/10/2007! Holy cow!!)

Look how little all the boys were?? So crazy!

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