August 21, 2012

Nats Game

Everybody knows it's not really summa'time until you've gone to a Major League Baseball game. Unfortunately for me, my summa' apparently started kind of late, since I just barely went to my first game of the season last night!

Metro crowds rushing to the Nats stadium 
Jeff is a sketchy sort. He required two security guards. ;)
Unfortunately, the game was delayed an hour due to the rain, but the show went on!

National anthem. I've decided I like it better when sung by a man. Less chance of squeaking, and they usually don't do the whole "land of the free-EEEEE" screech an octave higher thing. Am I right??

Jeff, eating "my" sandwich. ;) He made up for it later by buying fries for Jackie and me. :D
Bryce Harper up to bat!

A moment for the troops.
The Presidents' race is my faaaavorite part! Go, Teddy!

Unfortunately, we weren't able to stay for the whole game on account of it was only the 7th inning, and it was already past a few people's bedtimes. But the good news is the Nats beat the Braves 5-4 in the 13th inning! 13 innings! So crazy!

Here's hoping the rest of the season goes well, and that I can make it to more games next summer. In the meantime, GOOOO NATS!

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