August 02, 2012

MTC: Week 4

July 31, 2012

Ni Hoa wo de ai jiating! (hello my loving family)
Zhe shi week shi hen hoa!

This week has been good! And pretty productive! I taight my best lesson yet with an investigator! It was about the atonement and it was awesome!!! I have learned that the simpler you teach things (like christ did) the better the lessons are. *read the easier the lessons are to teach in Chinese...

But in all seriousness the Lesson was AWESOME! We commited him to baptism and it just went awesome! While I was bearing my testimony to him at the end I could feel the spirit compelling me to say things I hadn't planned on and only partially knew how to say. It was awesome. I looked him straight in the eyes and said tongue yesdu jidu de fuyin nide jianting hui yoingyuan zai yichi he ruguo ne quidoa wei womende xiinxi shen hui huida ni he zhufu ni he nide jiating. It was awesome. I dont think i've ever said anything with more power than I did on that occasion. It was awesome!

On sunday we had the director of missonary work of the MTC speak to us at our devotional and it was AMAZING. I am not even that guy who is like hey we should go to a devotional but this was incredible. he spoke about burying our "weapons of war" and losing ourselves in the work of god! it was awesome. at the end of the Devotional we sang how firm a foundation (verses 5-7) The spirit was so strong....I didn't notice at first but at the last verse all of a sudden we were all like....scareaming except singing soooo sooo soo loud! it was verse 7 so it goes like this:

The soul that on Jesus hath leaned for repose
I will not I cannont desert to his foes
That soul that all hell should endevor to shake (right about here I was like wow this is really loud)
I'll never no never Ill never no never
I'll never no never no never no never forsake!

And It was AWESOME

I LOVE the part that says That soul that all hell should endevor to shake

Because its just awesome. I loved it. It was so crazy loud I looked over at my district after we were done and we were all like whoa that was really loud...

But it was good! This week we also watched the Testament in mandarain! And I have to say I am understanding more and more everyday! Its pretty awesome!. Of course when they kiss all the missionaries whistled and hooted and what not its pretty hilarious. Everyone's favorite part is when in the English one korahor goes jacob jacob jacob....its sounds funny ( if you dont think it sounds funny try being in the MTC for 5 weeks and then let me know) but in the Chinese one he goes Yaga yaga yaga! and it was even funnier. At the end of the movie while it was still dark somebody said "wo ting budong"
which translates to "I hear but cannot understand" and It was SO funny. haha us Chinese Elders are a hoot! haha...

Okay well I think that's all for now! Things here have been good. And I am so glad to here from you! Keep sending me letters! I cannot tell you how much missionaries love letters!

@kim! why havent I heard from you lately??

@Spen&Chris! Why havent I received any letters from you two?
Keep me updated yo!

Elder Zavala

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