August 02, 2012

MIA + Curly Hair Problems

I've been MIA this week on this here space due to the wonder of my life called graduate school. But you know, I'm grateful to be here, even when I'm stressed out of my mind (and inside of it, too).

While taking a "Pinterest break" (umm, if you follow me on Pinterest, you're painfully aware of how often I've taken "Pinterest breaks" this week, because you've seen new pins from me on your feed), I found these awesome "curly hair problems" graphics. Then I found a whole tumblr of them, and laughed/cried all at the same time, because these graphics spoke to my very soul and stirred me to the depths of my spirit, because dude, I totally understand.

Those who know me well know that my most turbulent and troublesome relationship in life... is with my hair. It dictates my schedule most days, and I may or may not base my entire look based on what my hair is doing that morning. Maybe I'll write more about that someday, but in the meantime, here are two of the graphics that spoke to me. They sum up my life, well, basically ALWAYS, but especially this week:

That is SO this week.

And a bonus one, because it relates to my post from Sunday:

I mean, what is UP with that??

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