August 22, 2012

A Bridal Shower and a Pool Party

The purpose of this post is to create a place for me to put some photos from my weekend. (You can do things like that when you have a blog, you know. Or a Facebook album.) Have a looksy, if you'd like.

On Friday, I went to a bridal shower for my beautiful friend, Hannah. Her sisters prepared a fun game of questions for the bride AND groom (via video for him), and it was fun to see how well they really DO know each other! (Good job, guys!)

The pressure is ON for the bride!

Everything looked really beautiful and elegant, and all the food was delicious! Most especially, the yummy tomato soup, rolls, and spinach salad -- which I apparently scarfed so quickly, there is no photographic evidence that they ever existed!

Pretty dessert table.
Antique teacups!
Pinkies up!

 The coolest part (besides the lovely teacups!) was when we sent lanterns into the sky (with wishes written on them for the happy couple), Tangled-style.

Saturday morning, I got up early to serve at the temple, where we were busy all morning (16 own endowments and 9 sealings!). And can I just say that wedding dresses are HEAVY?! I (sadly) got an arm workout from carrying dresses up the stairs all day. But really, I feel so blessed to be able to serve at the temple twice a month. :)

Later that day, I went to a pool party with some amigos. (I didn't swim.)

Uhhh, guys, what's going on??  
I even got to hang out with Rachel, who is moving to NYC next weeeeek! :(
Also, we ate pupusas here after the pool party. :) It's the best pupuseria in town! (And for my Virginia friends, there's also one in Arlington that I swear tastes even better than this one!)

I already posted here about what I did on Sunday.

And now you know.

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