July 12, 2012

My Brother, the Missionary

I took some photos of my brother before he left. Here are a few of my favorites. What you see below is a compilation of photos taken on his digital camera, my cell phone, and a few from my Instagram app. I took all of these photos, except the one I'm in (which was probs taken by my dad or one of my brothers or something).

I wonder what all of these characters mean...

Too cool for Mom's kisses

Oh, gosh... Isn't it sort of gross to take a photo of your baby brother trying to look seductive??

I like this one. :)


My 3 brothers 

My baby brother is cute, no? :)

PS Sorry if you're sick of reading/seeing/hearing about my brother. I'm just really excited for him. :)

PPS My friend Emily recently started a blog! Take a look over here. She shares the story of her conversion from her Catholic faith to the LDS Church. I love Emily dearly and am excited to read more about her journey online. I was blessed to be at her baptism last year, and I know that others going through the same experiences she had as she made the decision to be baptized will be blessed by her testimony online.

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