July 27, 2012

Missing The Baby Bro + How to Clean a Tie in the Dishwasher

My brother has officially been gone for 3 weeks now. And I miss him. He was the person I talked to and texted the most (really- check my cell phone statements). I would tell him all the ridiculous things happening in my life, and he would tell me about the goings-on (or lack thereof) in his. 

One of the times that I would DEFINITELY always call my brother was when it was DARK and SCARY and I had to cross the wooded path to/from the metro at night.

Wooded path during the day.

SCARY, DARK path at night!! (!!!)

At my OWN RISK???!

In the last couple of weeks, I've rotated who I call when I'm walking in the dark, but I feel like I'm going to run out of friends here soon. I don't always tell people I'm calling them because I'm too scared to cross the dark path by myself (Maybe I'm a chicken? Oh, well. At least I'm not a dead chicken.).

Anyway, on account of the missing my brother thing, I bought him a 100% polyester tie when I went to Goodwill today. (They're moving to a new location, so everything was a million percent off! Kidding. Only 80%, meaning I spent something crazy like 70 cents on a tie for him.) I thought of how I was going to clean the tie (being thrifted and all), and I decided it would be silly to pay lots of $$ to have it dry cleaned. 

So, I did an experiment. I put it in the dishwasher (carefully laid flat on the top rack). And guess what? It worked! 

Clean polyester tie, fresh from its maiden voyage through the dishwasher!
(PS Hello, green stripey sock!)

I can't vouch for this method on ties made of silk or other more delicate materials, but for this 100% polyester thrift store tie, the dishwasher did the trick! (Polyester ties of the world, be ye clean!)

Anywho, thank you, Internet, for letting me vent a little about my brother withdrawals.

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