July 16, 2012

The Merry Wives of Windsor

On Friday the last, I went with some friends
to catch up on Shakespeare. (We stayed 'til the end.)
For one of our own did star in the show.
As Simple, the servant, Matt suffered some blows.*

*(No, but really! Poor guy got stuffed in a closet, beaten, and grabbed! But he did great!)

Chase preps pre-show by eating paninis & reading Sparknotes. (I was so impressed that he has season theater tickets!)
That Shakespeare was a witty fellow.
Smiles, post-show. :D

By the end of the show, we all were quite merry.
With laughter and mirth, we were not at all weary.
So off to Pitango for a post-Shakespeare treat!
We did eat and did eat (and did eat and did eat!).

Chocolate chocolate-chip + Rhubarb = Mmmmmm...
Eating gelato is fuuuun!
Chase is so uncouth! Look at him with his stripey socks on the counter... Forsooth!
Matching shirts.

After eating our fill, we went separate ways
(Only to meet again the very next day.)

For the ladies, a sleepover was called for post haste!
(It sure beats staying alone when it's late.)

Fun, laughter, and good spirits were encountered by all.
Thank you, Matt, for the tickets! We sure had a ball!


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  1. There are too many good things about this, I don't even know where to start!! Plays! Pretty friends! Gelato! Rhubarb! Striped socks!!


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