July 15, 2012

And People Say Girls Have High Expectations...

I made a terrible mistake yesterday... I hopped on Hulu ('stead of doing homeworks... Oy...) and watched the first episode of this season's The Bachelorette. And I watched the whole thing... (And then I went to the final and last ever -- because he and his roommate are both moving away from DC at the end of the summer -- Storytelling Night at Chase's house.)

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It was my first episode ever, and I think I just opened a can of worms.... Maybe I'll be strong and disciplined and NOT watch any more?

I was struck by the end of the episode, when they interviewed the guys who didn't get a rose (ie- the guys who were eliminated). One of them described his feelings thusly:

"It doesn't feel good, you know. I feel disappointed, sad. This is definitely one of the hardest and most intense things I've gone through since going through divorce. She is a great, genuine, just real person, and when I didn't get a rose, my heart was definitely broken. It was devastating. It felt like my heart fell on the floor and got trampled."

and all I wanted to say to him is "You just met her! It's just a first date! And actually, it wasn't EVEN a date! It was a two-minute conversation at a networking reception!" (DC-speak. Ha ha.) And to compare it to being one of the hardest things since his divorce? Oh, come ON, man!  (Or maybe he just hasn't struggled since his divorce?) But I don't buy it. I think he's just sad he won't be on TV any more.

And people say that GIRLS' expectations are too high... 

PS Storytelling night:

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