June 15, 2012

Yándary's Guide to Traveling on Planes

I'm baaack! I've spent a lot of time flying on planes over the past few weeks.

Almost to Salt Lake!

I see land!

Oh, beautiful mountains!

Salt Lake, how do I love thee?

It's not always a fun experience. Since I've become such an expert at this, I've compiled a few of my best travel tips.

1- Don't underestimate the wonders of a good travel outfit.
This may be my most valuable tip. My preferred travel outfit consists of:

  • leggings (They're easy to move in, and you don't have to worry about accidentally having anything in your pockets for when you go through the body scanners), 
  • comfy shoes (usually my trusty red Toms), 
  • a comfy t-shirt
  • a cardigan or sweater (Airplanes are COLD! Adjust sweater thickness depending on the season), 
  • and anything that is too bulky or difficult to pack (Like the hat and necklace in this photo. It's easier to wear them than to figure out how to pack them. Brilliant!). 

And I usually wear my glasses instead of contacts when I travel. (It's no fun to fall asleep in your contacts and wake up with dry eyes!)

My travel outfit

I also bring a large purse or backpack as one of my carry-ons and throw in an extra pair of socks and a pashmina (Did I mention how COLD airplanes are?). The pashmina is my scarf of choice, because it can be used A- As a regular scarf to keep your neck warm. or B- As a blanket if your airplane is really cold. :)

2- Bring an empty water bottle.
You're not allowed to bring a bottle full of water through security, and airport water is EXPENSIVE. What's a girl to do?? The answer: bring yo' own bottle! Who's gonna stop you from filling it up AFTER you get through security? :D (And if you fly out of the Salt Lake Airport, you can fill up at this handy water bottle station!) Bonus: you save $$ AND the environment.

Sweet water fountain at Salt Lake International

3- If possible, take a direct flight.

Life is much easier when you don't have to change planes.

4- Avoid checking baggage.

Waiting for your baggage to come through the carousel can take sooo long! If you can pack everything into one carry-on, do it!

Sad people waiting for their luggage.

Happy people seeing their luggage come by!

Reunited, and it feels so gooood! (Finally!)

5- Get a sky miles credit card. 

Especially if, like me, you have to travel home every other week of the summer.

I'm sure I have a few other nuggets of wisdom to share, buuutt, it's late, and I'm still in Mountain Time annnd I need to get to bed. Stay tuned for more posts and photos about my week at home!


  1. That water bottle fountain is AMAZINGGGG!!!

  2. I have never seen those water bottle filling stations before--so cool! I love the tips and I especially like how you dress comfortably, but chic!

    BTW, I'll let you know when the cheese party is going down...not sure yet, but we're starting to talk and plan now!


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