June 28, 2012

Things Happen For a Reason

I'm blogging twice today (just for you, C!).

This morning, I was trying to pack and work on my homework before leaving for the airport. I was going to catch the metro to Greenbelt, then I was going to hop on a bus to BWI from there, buuut I missed my train!!

And the next one wouldn't have gotten me to the bus stop 'til AFTER the bus to the airport left!! I called a friend to ask for a ride, and by the good graces of God, her roommate was actually going to the SAME airport at the SAME time I needed to go, and she said I could catch a ride!! It was a MIRACLE!! I was so thankful!

I trudged and trudged and lugged my heavy suitcase back to my house, only to remember as soon as I walked in the door.... That I hadn't packed any underthings!!! Nada! Zip! Not even one pair!

And then I was glad I had missed the train.

I learned three important things today:

1- Things don't always work out the way we planned, but they always turn out all right.
2- Things happen for a reason.
3- When packing, be sure to pack all your underthings FIRST!

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