June 25, 2012

Texas and the Beatles

Last Saturday night (06/16/2012), I went with some friends to Hill Country BBQ for a Beatles tribute concert. It was surprisingly good!

The band

Em and Sergio

Me with Em

The whole restaurant was Texas-themed, and even the drinks came in glass canning jars. Cute, no?

Sergio was SO excited to be there!

Texas decor

David was really excited, too.

Am I a horrible person for wanting to take a picture of this guy's leather pants... so I could laugh at them?

Me with David

Apparently, Hill Country does these concerts (and sometimes even karaoke!) often, so be sure to check it out. 

Because sometimes, you just want to chill with your friends while listening to Beatles music. And  who doesn't need a little bit o' Texas in their life every now and then?

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