June 01, 2012

Rambling (Because I Can)

*** I got to chill with some friends tonight. I enjoyed myself most thoroughly. :) Sadly, I acquired no photographical evidence of the evening.

*** I recently discovered the ESPN Score Center app. Why is this important or at all relevant, you ask? BECAUSE IT'S NBA PLAYOFF SEASON- DUH!! Now, when I can't figure out how to watch the games or am nowhere near a TV/computer, I can still keep up with what's happening score-wise. :)

*** I get to be the MOH in my BFF's wedding next week! Here we are at our first Broadway musical last year ("How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" with Daniel Radcliffe!! And he signed our playbook!!)

*** I'm taking a Speechwriting class at school this semester, and my teachers are.... Secretary Clinton's current speechwriters (!!!) !!!!! HOLY CRAP, I love my program!

*** Multi-tasking can be dangerous. I was eating while working while using the computer, and I spilled the salt shaker everywhere, and the salt got under my computer keys, and now I can't get it out, and some of the keys don't work well or require me pushing down EXTRA hard in order to work! (Also, that was a really long sentence.)

*** It was pouring earlier today. And we had a tornado warning. (No worries, though. All was well -- and wet.)

And it's 1,000% humidity. I feel like I may as well put my straightener in storage 'til the DC summer ends, since this is what my hair looks like no matter what I do to it:

In contrast, the weather in Utah was PERFECT. Just warm enough, sunny, not a cloud in the sky, and ZERO HUMIDITY! (Also, there were mountains.)

*** One time, my roommate Liz told me a story about two of her friends who liked the same boy but didn't know it.

When they all made the connection one day, he asked, "Are you two roommates?"

Later, when the girls told the story to Liz, one of the girls freaked out, like so:

"What did he mean when he said, 'Are you two roommates?' ??!!"

Liz's response, "I think he meant... Are you two roommates?"

The story is a tad ridiculous, but seriously... Don't you hate not knowing if someone really just wants to know if you two are roommates??

*** I get to hike "The Subway" at Zions National Park pretty soon. I was excited until I found out it requires SWIMMING (which I hate. and can't do well.). I am NOT a swimmer. The fact that my apartment complex has a pool is a complete waste on me. In fact, I hate the water. I have a Freudian fear of drowning. My dad was watching me at the pool when I was about three years old, and he wasn't doing a very good job... which was evidenced by the fact that  I FELL IN THE DEEP END, and HE DIDN'T NOTICE!! I thought I was going to die, and I've hated the water ever since.

When I was six years old, my mom put my sister and me in swim lessons, but I REFUSED to leave the edge of the pool. I cried every week for an entire summer (dude, it was SCARY!!) and never left the side of the pool. My sister learned how to swim, and I... learned how to blow bubbles. Here's hoping I survive!

*** My friend Adam and his wife Heather are expecting their first baby (a girl!). He recently started an awesome blog that I recommend.

*** Related: I love this article on how to talk to little girls.

*** And now I'm off to do some homeworks so I don't fall off the wagon early in the semester.


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