June 05, 2012

Playing Catchup

In the last week, I've done a lot of playing catchup. I was only gone for a week, but I felt like I was a month behind! Since I'm going out of town again really soon, I'm feeling a lot of pressure to stay on top of things. (I think I usually psych myself out more than I need to.) In addition to schoolwork and the tediousness of catching up, I've tried to have a little balance with other activities. Evidence:

I chilled in Georgetown for an afternoon and grabbed lunch with my friend Rachel. Georgetown has such a unique look/feel to it. I'm a huge fan. I may or may not have bought myself a cupcake from Baked and Wired (their Chocolate Cupcake of Doom -- chocolate cake with a dark chocolate satin frosting -- is easily the BEST cupcake in all of DC. at least according to me.) between lunch and school that night. :) Clearly, I inhaled my food and couldn't be bothered to photograph it.

Crossing the bridge into G-town

For a missionary near you! (Kidding.)

I came across this image of my sister meeting POTUS last year in an ad for NCLR's 2012 Annual Conference in Las Vegas. Cool, huh? :)

My sister is the one on the far right. (The one actually shaking his hand.)

My quartet friends and I played together one last time before Cynthia moved to The-Middle-of-Nowhere, Virginia. In addition to our classical repertoire, we played some Elvis tunes- because we're cool like that. :)

Cynthia, me, Gretchen, Stephen

I am always amazed by the fickleness of DC weather (it's hot, it's cold, it's hot, it's cold, it's RAINING...),

On Saturday afternoon, my internet stopped working. I took it as a divine sign that I shouldn't be doing homework on such a gorgeous day, so I went to a BBQ organized by my friend Brian,

Amanda, Shara, and Bailey.

Christina, Melissa, Greg

Mel and me with the man himself (Brian)

Me with cute Pickett, representing with my λΔΣ necklace.
OK, so we said funny faces, and Melanie stayed looking normal. Not cool. ;)

Oh, yeah. Did I mention it's playoff time? Funny story. I went to a housewarming party,but... it was Game 4 of the Spurs vs. Thunder series that same night! And sure, the food/dancing/socializing was all fine and dandy, but I poked my nose around to see if there was a TV in the house for game-watching purposes. Lo and behold, there was! And in my quest to defy gender stereotypes, it cracked me up that it took a girl to bring the NBA Playoffs to the screen. And maybe I didn't talk or dance the rest of the night, but OKC won, OK?

Screen shot! #OKC #FearTheBeard

I played a lot of group games this weekend. Two of the three nights were spent playing games of some sort.

Upon reading this post, I've realized there's no real organization to it. No rhyme or reason. In keeping with this non-theme, here's a bonus miscellaneous section for you today:


This is how you know if Senator Reed is at church on any given Sunday:

Black suburbans = Harry in da Lord's House

Uhhhh... I want the HOT PINK ones:

Target. 06/04/12.

Also, Jenn and I saw deer on our run this morning:

Howdy, neighbors!
Happy Tuesday!

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