June 04, 2012

Special People

I said goodbye to a friend today. A friend who came into my life at an unexpected time in an unexpected way.

We haven't been as close in recent times as we once were. Life's changes required that, and that's OK. But saying goodbye today made me realize -- yet again -- how grateful I am that this person was once in my life. I feel grateful for the experiences we shared and the lessons I learned. He taught me through example how to love and serve and be happy. To find joy in the simple things and to always share my blessings with others. He exudes positivity and works hard in all he does, and he's the kind of man who makes you want to be a better person just because you had the privilege of being acquainted with him.

Reflecting on these things reminded me that I've been blessed with special people in my life when I've most needed them. Some of those people are still in my life; others are not. But no matter where they are or how long it's been since we've spoken, I'm grateful for each one of them and for what they've meant to me. For what they've taught me and how they've helped me to grow.

The photo below was taken at Junior's (best. cheescake. EVER!!) in NYC last summer. I love it because these three people are some of my dearest friends, and they're all from different phases of my life. They're all still in my life, and I love them very much!

Left to right: Lupe (college bff whose wedding I'm in this weekend (who I met when I was her college RA!)), David (DC friend, dating consultant, life coach, homework proofreader, and SGF (ha!)), and LeAnna (friend since 5th grade, saved my life post-mission/in my last semester at the U, present-day East Coast buddy (and we're the only ones from our group of high school friends who've gone to grad school and are still single)).

I thank God for the PEOPLE in my life and look forward to meeting the other special ones He will allow me to meet.

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