June 01, 2012

Passport DC (Belated)

I realized while going through my photos that I never actually posted about Passport DC last month! (In my defense, it was right before "finals" week, so you can see how it could slip my mind.)

Basically, DC is awesome, and I love living here. A good number of the embassies opened their doors for the public to visit, and I got a chance to "travel" to Indonesia, Peru, Australia, Trinidad and Tobago, Kazakhstan, and the Ivory Coast.

Inside the Embassy of Indonesia + me and my beautiful roommate, Liz, at the Dupont Circle fountain, pre-tour 



Embassy of Kazakhstan

Trinidad & Tobago 
Ivory Coast stole the show. The line was sooo long, but it was worth the wait. (Note Mel waiting patiently.)

James enjoyed the AWESOME dancers, too.

Mel was interviewed on live TV! Plus, more dancing and me staring into space.

My favorite parts were the dancers at the Ivory Coast + the chocolate from Kazakhstan. (Thanks for sharing, Kati!) Did I mention I LOVE living in DC? :)

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