June 17, 2012

My Best Friend's Wedding (Part 2)

When we finished taking wedding photos at the Salt Lake Temple, we headed up to a beautiful cabin in Park City for the ring ceremony, dinner, and dance (aka the real festivities!). Well, in reality, we ran around like chickens with our heads cut off running errands and doing wedding prep (including hemming and altering my dress for the ring ceremony!), and then we went to Park City to prep for the evening.

We were so busy, I hardly snapped any photos, but THIS was the gorgeous view at the cabin (the entire celebration was outdoors):

When we were finally ready for the celebration to begin, the bride had us change into brightly colored, native Mexican dresses for the ring ceremony, while she changed into Dress #2.

Here I am with my mom. If you look at the size of our heads compared to our legs, it is quite 
clear that this picture was taken by someone much taller than we are. I'd guess at least 6'4." ;)

Dress #2 (Note Dress #1 hanging in the back.)

My self-proclaimed "Trophy Date" (Who, I might add, was incredibly helpful and a 
terrifically good sport, even when I ditched him for an hour to be IN the ceremony!)

I don't have very many photos to show the ring ceremony, dinner, or dance, mostly because I was too busy enjoying the festivities and/or running around like crazy with the other bridesmaids, making sure everything turned out just so! (A special shout-out again to Trophy Date with this part. Couldn'ta gotten that $800 for the mariachis/sliced those strawberries/insert-helpful-task-here withou'cha!) The greater portion of the evening was devoted to, of course, a DANCE (what kind of Latin wedding would this be otherwise?) and a few fun TRADITIONS, like:

El "Baile del Dolar" (see also "Money Dance"), in which all the guests pay to dance with the bride or groom (I danced with both. :D).

The garter toss and bouquet toss, "Vivora de la Mar" style. (Sorry; I didn't get pictures of the bouquet toss, because I was, you know, trying to dodge the bouquet. Ha ha.) These photos don't fully convey what happened during these tosses, so I will kindly refer you to this video for further detail. (No, really. Watch the video.)


Digging for gold? Heh heh.

The bride's mom thought Ulises had been under there long enough. ;)

And now, photos of what I wish I had captured on video:

The cutting of the cake (which was created by the bride's 16-year-old sister, btw. Way to go, Dianita!):

Annnd the getaway.

May they live happily ever after. :)

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