June 07, 2012

Hair Obsessions

As my hair has grown out from being chopped over the last year, I've had a lot of fun experimenting with hairstyles. I'm currently at a length where I can ALMOST (*fingers crossed*) qualify as having long hair. Whoo hoo!

Here are some of the looks I've been playing with (or wishing I had the skillz to re-create) lately:

I'm OBSESSED with braids right now. Especially front braids.
(Image from here.)

Love this front braid. Unfortunately, I can't get my hair to look like this consistently.
(Image credit.)

My classmate Courtney wears her hair in a French braid to keep men away, but even men would find this pretty. (Image.)

Waterfall braid, why do I lack the skillz for you?
Maybe my mom will try it on me next time I see her? :)
(Image credit.)

This "Side Twist Fishtail Braid" is so easy, it shouldn't qualify as a special hairstyle.
The fact there's a tutorial for this baffles me, because it's so simple.
(Image via here.)

Braiding your bangs back. I do this one (or a variation of it) a lot.
(Image from here.)

Finger waves, I WILL master you!
(Image via here.)

I've tried this one but can't quite get it with my hair. Maybe it needs to be a little longer?
My fishtail isn't thick enough just yet.
(Image credit + tutorial.)

Pretty, huh? :)

PS After scrolling down all of these images, I've noticed the models are mostly blondes, but I promise it was unintentional!


  1. Who rules the world? Blondes rule the world! ;) Jennifer can do a mean waterfall braid!

    1. But brunettes are smarter. AND we have more fun. ;)


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